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Optimal fish growth

The feed is designed based on long-term experience and measurements. It supports optimal fish growth.

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High digestibility

The raw materials used in our feeds are carefully selected and do not unnecessarily burden the digestive system of the fish.

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Ideal granule structure

The feed has a very low dust content and does not crumble. This does not cause an overgrowth of bacteria and does not burden the filtration of the system.


Catfish feeds in RAS systems

We have prepared catfish food from high quality raw materials that ensure optimal growth. After a set of tests, we decided to improve the food with elements that ensure a natural level of attractiveness. The catfish love our food. The tested coefficient of 0.82 was proven even on a ammonia-laden system. Let’s face it, which system is ideal? We have also respected this fact when preparing our catfish food. The raw materials used for the production of the feed are indicated on our labels. And to keep the fish healthy, we have added more vitamins to the food.

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Feed suitable for recirculation systems

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Feed with a higher content of vitamins

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Highly digestible feed

Feed composition


Foods for catfish in aquaponic systems

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The feed enriches fish feces with ingredients beneficial to plant vegetation

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Feed specially developed for balance in the breeding system

Feed composition

Our feeds for every stage of fish development

Rivers such as the Rio Negro, Congo, Ubangui, Ogooue and many others are full of the most diverse fish and flow through the most fertile places on our planet. After analyzing the waters of the equatorial rivers and finding that they contained countless substances washed out of the peat soils, there was no choice but to incorporate these substances into the feed.

Organta feed contains a perfectly balanced ratio for fish of all developmental stages from fry to adult. This ensures optimal development and maximum fish growth.

Our feeds for RAS and aquaponic systems

Choose from our feeds developed according to the requirements of the individual fish species.

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