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High digestibility

The raw materials used in our feed are carefully selected and do not unnecessarily burden their digestive system.

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Solid structure

The feeds are suitable for RAS systems. The feed has a very low dust content and does not crumble. This does not burden the filtration in the system.

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Thoroughly tested

All feed is tested on our farms for a long time before sale.

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Optimal composition

The feed is designed on the basis of long-term experience and measurements. It supports optimal fish growth.

We specialize in feeds for RAS systems and aquaponic systems

Our feeds are based on the needs of fish and individual farms. We realise that for every farm, fish farming is at the heart of their business and we want to help our customers achieve optimum production with our feeds. We have designed and tested our feeds over a long period of time to benefit every fish farmer. Our goal is “Healthy and Happy Fish” and everything we do and produce is with a vision of this goal. Production starts with selecting the right ingredients, quality control during production and controlling the output in the form of various tests on the fish or analysis of their feces. Only in this way can we say that we are realistically monitoring the outputs and adjusting the inputs and feed formulations based on this monitoring.

Another type of feed we produce is feed for aquaponic systems. Aquaponics is a relatively new branch of vegetable and fish farming. Apart from energy, the only input to aquaponic systems is fish feed. There is not a single producer of high quality, commercially viable feed suitable for aquaponic systems on the global market today. Everything is limited to local isolated producers who have a number of unresolved problems.

Established and developed recirculating fish farming is a different case. Feed designed for these systems is sold by large corporations with a worldwide presence and there is a wide range of products to choose from. Unfortunately, these feeds are designed to be used as efficiently as possible by the fish, and the entire systems are adapted so that the fish produce as little waste from their metabolism as possible. But in an aquaponic system you need these metabolic wastes as fertiliser for the plants. It is therefore inevitable that ORGANTA appears on the market with the first food designed specifically for aquaponic systems.

Our products

Organta offers feeds for RAS and aquaponic systems in proven pellet form. The pellets allow simple and easy to control dosing.

The consistency of Organta’s pellets ensures a slow breakdown of the feed in the water. As a result, the food is consumed by the fish before unwanted water pollution occurs. In addition, pellets made from quality raw materials reduce the requirements for water filtration rates, which also reduces the energy costs of maintaining RAS and aquaponic systems.

Organta carefully monitors the quality of all the individual ingredients in its feed. End users of fish meat and plants can therefore be sure that whatever they eat will be completely safe for their health.

Feed for RAS systems

RAS systems allow maximum control over the entire ecosystem and therefore great predictability of yield. A prerequisite for effective fish farming in a RAS system is the provision of water with microbial balance.

Organta meets this requirement with the consistency of its fish feed. Organta’s feeds for RAS systems dissolve extremely slowly in water. As a result, they do not cause unwanted bacterial multiplication and do not overload the filtration equipment.

Feed for aquaponic systems

Aquaponic systems are a great way to grow plants and keep fish in a symbiotic environment. The functionality and stability of an aquaponic system depends primarily on the quality and correct quantity of the inputs supplied – especially fish feed.

The choice of the right type of food and its dosage in aquaponic systems depends on many factors: from water temperature to fish abundance and species composition. Organta experts take all these variables into account. They develop and manufacture the feed with all parameters in mind and provide their products with guidelines for optimal application of the feed in aquaponic systems.

The ideal composition of the pellets guarantees both uniform and rapid fish growth and the production of high quality fish excrement. These provide the plants in aquaponic systems with extremely high quality nutrition for their growth.

Our feeds for RAS and aquaponic system

Choose from our feeds developed according to the requirements of the individual fish species.

We cooperate

In order to ensure the highest possible feed quality, Organta works closely with several major institutions in the field of feed quality development and monitoring in RAS and aquaponic systems.


We are always moving forward

Feed development is a continuous process that we at Organta do not take lightly. We are constantly working on new feed formulations that will shift your performance in terms of higher and faster growth and respect our main motto: healthy and happy fish. We test our feeds on our own circuits and thus ensure the actual verification of their functionality before we launch them on the market and make them available to you, our customers. We believe that your fish will appreciate the quality raw materials that we use in the production of our feed and will accompany you on the path to ideal breeding results. One of the feed inspections we carry out is an accurate analytical analysis of fish droppings, which we will soon be launching as organic fertilizer and you will be able to buy from our partners.

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